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The free Indiana Drug Card helps patients with the cost of high deductible plans

High deductible health insurance plans have grown in popularity with changes under the Affordable Care Act. These plans were designed to make health coverage more affordable and give more people access to health insurance.

However, high deductible plans have left many Americans struggling to pay for out-of-pocket costs not covered by their insurance. The situation has created a large population of underinsured Americans ┴шр individuals with insurance coverage whose out-of-pocket costs are too high to allow them to utilize their health benefits.

To ease some out-of-pocket costs and ensure patients are taking necessary medication, the ISMA reminds members that the Indiana Drug Card is available for Hoosiers with high deductible plans, those with no prescription drug coverage, or with prescriptions not covered under a medical insurance plan. The free card can save up to 75 percent off the retail price of prescriptions. The Indiana Drug Card is a completely confidential program and is HIPAA certified.

A recent article in Modern Healthcare noted ┴шоAdults with total out-of-pocket costs that amounted to 10% or more of their income were considered underinsured.┴ш²

High costs are causing underinsured individuals to avoid going to the doctor, obtaining necessary medical testing or picking up essential medications from the pharmacy. Last year, 14 million Americans fell into the underinsured category, a number expected to increase.

Advise your patients they can print anIndiana Drug Card free here. For further questions about the program or to request a supply of cards and a holder for your medical office, contact Natalie Meyer, program director, at 1-888-4-INDY-RX or email her.