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New prescription drug card debuts in Indiana

Hoosiers with no health insurance got a little help Wednesday in the form of a new prescription card.

The Indiana Drug Card is a free statewide prescription program that gives people discounts on popular medications. All Indiana state residents are eligible to get a card, and there are no enrollment forms to fill out.

The people behind the card say this is the perfect time for a program like this.

"With the current condition of the economy, people are looking to save money any way that they can, and rightfully so," said David Simms, Indiana Drug Card's development director. "With the jobs being cut and people losing their insurance, this is a very important program that is hitting right at the right time."

Simms said cardholders will save an average of 30 percent on prescriptions.

The program is funded entirely through the support of pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.

To get a card, go to