Indianapolis Medical Society Bulletin Cover June 2012 Indianapolis Medical Society Bulletin (June 2012)


The cards are FREE to all Indiana residents.

There are no enrollment forms, no restrictions, no age or income requirements, no waiting periods, no eligibility required, no exclusions, covers pre-existing conditions, no claim forms to file, no annual or lifetime limits, includes discounts on brand and generic medications, open formulary so that brand and generic medications are eligible for discounts.

This program has a "LOWEST PRICE" feature that provides cardholders the lowest plan price on prescriptions at participating pharmacies (Medication Pricing/Discounts are calculated on the plan's lowest negotiated contract price and the pharmacy's "usual and customary" price).

This Program can be used by people who have Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), High Deductible Plans, and Medicare Part D.

The program can be used as a standalone benefit or to get discounts on non-covered drugs.

All Indiana residents are eligible to participate in this program.

To optain a FREE card access 24 hours a day and download as many cards as needed.

If patients do not have access to a computer, patients can walk into ANY CVS to receive the discount through the Indiana Drug Card program